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 Joel Gillis, founder of 72h website.com, was an absolute pleasure to work with on our website. He immediately understood our marketing objectives to obtain consumer awareness and to increase our sales. Efficient, timely and very detailed. Joel, within a tight deadline, created a fantastic website for us. Actually, there were no changes to his creative layout. Joel understood our needs right from the start. Upon completion of the website, Joel is still available to answer any questions we have. He is extremely patient and helpful. I recommend no other company, except “72 h website”.  

Date Written: 21 April 2013
Testimonial By: Patricia Bukowsky

 Thanks so much for your assistance and expertise in branding an innovative website for my law office; your patience and expertise along with the support of your employees was instrumental in putting together a first class website that can be easily navigated; I love the creativity and absolutely enjoy seeing the revolving photos that really remind me of how fortunate I am to be able to practice in paradise; Once again, thx. for your assistance, for your patience and your easy accessibility in getting the website up and running smoothly; I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and colleagues who are interested in having a website so keep up the good work and best wishes for the continued success of your business.


Practicing Attorney in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Date Written: 25 October 2012
Testimonial By: Natalie Nelson

 Joel was really helpful in preparing our website. Our criteria was a simple site which is easy to maintain. He not only met all of our criteria but made it a point to make helpful suggestions as we went along. His experience makes the preparation work all that simpler with an end product that will go head up to any other. Thanks again. 

Date Written: 10 April 2012
Testimonial By: Tim Agostinucci

 I was lucky to find Joel. I was in a real bind when my former web designer informed me at the last minute that they could not finish my site before my deadline. Joel had me up and running in less than 2 days, and then I asked him to revamp the entire site and it was done in about 1 more day and was miles ahead in all aspects then the half finished job I gave him.One of the many things that impressed me about Joel was that he set time expectations and met or beat them. There was never a point where I was unsure what was going to happen or wondering where my "web guy" was. Joel was in constant contact giving me updates throughout the project, something that is very reassuring when you have an urgent deadline.He was also able to see my vision and help get that across to my clients - from functionality to graphic design!I would highly recommend him (and currently do) to anyone looking for a true professional to work with. Well, here I am just over a week since my emergency began and I have been sleeping well with a completed website for days!!!  

Date Written: 23 February 2012
Testimonial By: Pat Pierce

 "It has been my pleasure to have Joel Gillis design my website. I enjoyed his professional and courteous manner. Joel took the time to get to know me, to show me a variety of websites he had designed, and he was punctual with all of our appointments. I felt very comfortable with Joel, and know he went the extra mile to accommodate me. His rates are fair. I am very pleased and I would (and have) highly recommend him to others who require these services. I would not deal with anybody else other than Joel Gillis, and I don't think you should either."  

Date Written: 25 January 2012
Testimonial By: Jill Ferguson ( Educator/ Nikken Wellness Consultant )

  When Joel contacted me about re-doing my website, it was like he was reading my mind. I had been unhappy with my website for a long time. Joel was easy to talk to and helped me to understand the need for a new look. I am not very computer literate and had to pull in a close friend to help me to understand the entire computer lingo. Joel was very understanding and patient with me. Joel made this whole process, with his sense of knowledge, humor and sensitivity of me as a person very enjoyable! He helped to guide me to a final product that is not only presentable but also something that makes me proud! Thank you Joel, for caring about me and my business. Fondly, Maria Cummings…..Texas proud  

Date Written: 04 October 2011
Testimonial By: Maria Cummings

 When I decided it was time for a website “makeover”, there were 3 “must haves” for me. First, it was imperative the website be designed on a CMS platform so I could easily update the content. The second was it needed to be within my budget. The third was that I trust the provider to do what they said. I researched different options off and on for months.In the end, my decision was between a new site from my previous designer (whom I had been perfectly happy with) and 72Hour.My decision to go with 72Hour was made easy by Joel Gillis who was very thorough and helpful throughout the decision-making process. He answered my questions quickly, honestly and professionally – even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear! I will admit I am a very demanding person and 72 Hour was able to deliver all the elements that were important to me.Now I have a very clean, sleek website that I can manage and continue to enhance without having additional development costs.Joel and Mike – my sincere thanks for everything you did on this project.  

Date Written: 30 September 2010
Testimonial By: Lisa Crabtree

 Michael and Joel were fun to work with, provided outstanding customer service and were up front about the costs of my new website. I wouldn't hesitate to refer a client to 72h for a great website design at reasonable prices. Thanks again!  

Date Written: 07 July 2010
Testimonial By: Bruce Kirby

 It was a pleasure working with Joel and Mike launching the first website in Babac's 79 year history (www.cyclebabac.com). The site's online shopping application has increased company revenues and has allowed us to communicate directly with our customers.The best part about working with 72h is customer service. They will always get back to you and find a solution even when the road gets a little bumpy.I look forward to continuing our business relationship in moving forward and working with them on optimizing the site. 

Date Written: 07 July 2010
Testimonial By: Bruce T.

 Website looks great. Joel is a pleasure to work with and knows his craft. Thanks! 

Date Written: 17 June 2010
Testimonial By: Clayton Brink

 I own a pest control company in Texas and the one thing that separates our company from the rest is quality service. A Web design and hosting company has to offer the best in service. Thats why I choose 72h Website. Joel is a top notch quality guy who really takes care of his customers. 

Date Written: 18 May 2010
Testimonial By: Greg Williamson

 Great job on my website! Joel worked with me and made sure that I had an attractive and professionally themed web site. 

Date Written: 04 May 2010
Testimonial By: Travis Hooper

 You guys did an awesome job!! everything we asked for and more! Thanks a lot Joel for making our site way more attractive and much easier to maintain. We look forward to doing business with you guys in the future!! 

Date Written: 27 April 2010
Testimonial By: Ed Harvey

 You guys did a great job! Always available to answer any questions, and thoroughly explain everything! I was able to get everything i wanted, and more! I am very impressed, and satisfied with the quality of work you guys did on our website. It looks incredibly professional, and has already increased potential sales! Thank you! 

Date Written: 06 April 2010
Testimonial By: Kelly Cammack

 I think the guys did a spectacular job on our new website. It's much more efficient and easy to use than our old site, and looks more professional. They made it much more "customer friendly", and we saved enough money to pay them ten times with the low starter cost and maintenance fees. I would recommend 72hwebsite to anyone starting a new business, or just upgrading their current website. 

Date Written: 08 January 2010
Testimonial By: Eric Jarrett

 I appreciated your company's creative and collaborative efforts and especially the fact that I did not have to fight with you to make changes which has been my experience with other webmasters. I think you guys did a great job. 

Date Written: 26 October 2009
Testimonial By: Ron Bourque - Nexus Construction - Texas

 I had been meaning to do something with my website for a long time but never felt like I had the time - I am happy with the new and more professional look of my website and could not have done it on my own. 

Date Written: 20 October 2009
Testimonial By: Kristy Brewer-Campbell - Careplus at Home

 Joel, I just submitted payment for your services through Pay Pal and wanted to take the time to thank you for your professionalism in recreating my website. Admittedly when you first called I almost "blew you off" to use a Texas term because I had a less than desirable experience with my previous website in cost and satisfaction. My site had gotten old and out-dated in the internet world. Your suggestion to allow you to look at it and make suggestions to bring it up to date and interactive was very intriguing. When I looked at your samples of front pages of sites you had done, I must admit I was unimpressed. Though I intellectually knew you had done what someone asked and they were no doubt pleased with your work, it was not the level of performance for which I desired. You convinced me that you could do what I wanted and, if given the chance, would prove it. Joel, you did an excellent job on my site in making it the class act for which I hoped. You said it would be easy for me to edit as I saw fit and you were right. I look forward to the site being very profitable for my company and for you. Feel free to allow anyone to look at the entire site and to contact me directly for my satisfaction.Thanks again for a job well done.  

Date Written: 12 October 2009
Testimonial By: John St-John - President - John R. St. John Construction, Inc

 I had been putting off the updating of my company’s website for quite a while due to not having the time to allocate to the project. I finally decided to put my trust in 72 Website and I certainly do not regret that decision. Joel took the information I provided him and ran with it and I now have a site that I am not embarrassed to send potential clients to. I would not hesitate to recommend 72 Website to anyone looking for a professional website developer.  

Date Written: 08 October 2009
Testimonial By: Justin Davis - Vice President - Construction Masters of Houston

 Usually, I don't answer sales calls or out of state calls - I am so glad I picked up the phone when you called! At first I felt strange dealing with a company from another country ( Canada )but you made everything easy for me!I have to say that you guys went beyond the call of duty and delivered more than what you promised - I actually felt like I should have paid you more!Although the new site has only been up for a couple weeks, we have already had several customers compliment us on our newly improved website!I would recommend 72hwebsite to anyone looking for a website or looking to improve their company image.  

Date Written: 07 October 2009
Testimonial By: Renee Nieuwoudt - Caretex Custom Builders - Texas

 You did a great job! 

Date Written: 07 October 2009
Testimonial By: Joe Gee - AAA Total Plumber - New York City

 “Thank you for your professionalism and outstanding design achieved on the Ixtrom Group logoYour advice, promptness and expertise provided us ongoing collaboration and peace of mind on final results, which are highly appreciated at our enterpriseWe highly recommend 72 Hour Website to other companies which may want to design a website." 

Date Written: 08 August 2009
Testimonial By: Soledad Recatala

 You guys did a great job! You provided an excellent service, 110% support, always consitent, honest and friendly. This was an eye opening experience as we never had any face to face meetings. Thank you. 

Date Written: 03 August 2009
Testimonial By: nancy houston

 In less than two weeks, I had a completely redesigned,cleaner and more professional looking WEBsite. Thanks to the great team at 72h Website, they made the transition very simple. They understood my requirements and through numerous discussions via tel and e-mails worked dilligently to accomplish the end result within a very short time frame. I was also pleased with their "business" process and the truly customer satisfaction / professionalism demeanor exhibited. The price was reasonable. I do highly recommend this company for delivering exactly what they said and then some.Respectfully submitted; Ed Hobson, President, Creative Finishes, Inc.  

Date Written: 16 July 2009
Testimonial By: ed Hobson

 I am very pleased and I appreciate the great job you did! I get calls all the time from companies offering similar services and I always turn them down - I'm glad I decided to give you guys a try!! 

Date Written: 15 July 2009
Testimonial By: Rick Martin

 We liked the graphics and found the new design to be very well layed out and user friendly. Excellent design! You went to great lengths to gain access to our lost passwords - which we had asked other companies to do for us to no avail. You went over and above what any other webmasters would ever have done! It was a pleasure doing business with you. 

Date Written: 13 July 2009
Testimonial By: Jim Halikas

 I just took a quick look at the site, and it looks terrific! Thanks for all your efforts, and help! 

Date Written: 30 June 2009
Testimonial By: Lois Payette

 Your Tenacious and diligent marketing is what got you the job! Very personable service and patient with me as a new client - I found this to be very refreshing in today's business climate. 72h website,you have exceeded my expectations! 

Date Written: 29 May 2009
Testimonial By: Bob Purnell

 What a nice experience, professional all the way. Meet all my expectations and more. I would recommend your services to anyone. A breath of fresh air...honest, quick, and a great product. Could not ask for more. Thank you. 

Date Written: 26 April 2009
Testimonial By: Keith Jackson

 We really appreciated your no pressure approach and the fact that you gave us time to think things over and your patience in answering all of our questions....You guys did everything you said you would do and our site went up fast – I think we actually slowed you people down!It was easy and kind of fun too! 

Date Written: 25 March 2009
Testimonial By: Bruno Wischnewski

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