Our Standard Procedure

1.) We require a 50% deposit to ensure your commitment and to begin work on your website.

Once our work is complete, you will be sent a temporary link to your website for revision.

3.) We ask that all of your revisions be sent in a single email in the form of a checklist. Additional rounds of revisions will be charged at our rate of $65/hour. In order to save money and time please send only one complete list of revisions.  We are not responsible for the client changing his/her mind or clients not providing proper graphics, images, content or related files.

4.) Once all revisions are completed to the clients’ complete satisfaction, the remaining balance including any additional charges must be paid in full before the website is published.

Please note:
If a website is not completed within 90 days of start date or that completion is delayed due to client delays ( not submitting complete content, not providing feedback for revisions - missing domain name information etc. ) we require the balance of payment. Any outstanding work will be resumed once client re-initiates contact - please be advised that cannot chase after clients. 

Once the website is published you will be issued a user name and password. You will be given access to our online tutorials on how to administer your new site.

Getting Started - What we need from you:

1. Your Logo: Send us your logo - If you don’t have one we can provide you with a plain text logo or you can get us to create one for you.( additional fees apply - ask us for a quote ) - Preferred format PNG with a transparent background.

2. Your Company colors: Tell us your chosen colors - Your website should be an extension of your marketing and branding efforts in the real world! Your website should not stray from your existing business cards, letterhead, publications, flyers, signage, vehicle wraps etc.

3. Theme & Style: How do you want your new website to look?  High tech? Futuristic? Conservative? Colorful? Fancy? Bold?  –  It is always good to provide us with examples of websites that are in some way similar to the look  you wish to project.

4. Domain Name: It is always advisable to purchase your own domain name for security reasons and to avoid getting locked out of your website or simply to have ultimate control of your website.  If for any reason your ask us to acquire your domain name we charge 20$/per year.  Please be advised that we are not responsible for lost or misplaced user-names and passwords of your previously owned domain names it is up to you to have that information on hand when it is time to publish your website. This is not a reason to delay payment once your final approval has been given.

5. Hosting: We strongly suggest that you host your website with us for the simple reason that our servers have all the necessary software required installed on them to support our platform as well as the convenience of already being familiar with our own company’s server C-panels.  If you insist on hosting your website elsewhere we will have to charge you an additional installation fee of $125.00 + plus $100 For a back up copy on DVD.  If you do not take the back up and your site goes down or is lost we are not responsible and do not keep copies of websites hosted on 3rd party servers. Our servers are extremely reliable and our hosting fees equally reasonable, currently at 8.50 / month.

6. Content: You are responsible for your own content as you are presumed to be the expert in your field.  If you are uncomfortable with your writing skills we offer copy-writing services or you can appoint a friend or family member.

7. Images & Photos: You are also responsible for the images and photos to be included in your website. We recommend allocating a small budget for stock images.  If you do not have the images or don’t want to spend the time gathering them we can do this for you at our standard rate of 65$/hour.

See "Acquire Images"

8. Layout: It is always very helpful to provide us with your page layout – you can use a spread-sheet for this.   See Example below  - which shows a typical menu with drop downs. You may wish to consult us in the case of a more intricate lay-out.

9. Standard Included Features:

•    5-7 pages of content
•    Single contact form with captcha and Google API map & mail forwarding
•    Search Engine Friendly  Platform
•    Self editing website  ( Content Management Systems )
•    Top Notch Professional Appearance

10. Extras ( Not Included ):

•    Additional pages
•    Testimonials Module
•    Photo Galleries & additional photos
•    Multiple contact forms
•    FAQ Modules
•    Portfolios
•    Directories
•    Document libraries
•    Real Estate Listing Modules

More Services

•    Gathering of Images
•    Copy-writing
•    Setting up email accounts
•    Multiple domains
•    Web-mail with customized user interface
•    Installation of website on an outside server
•    Tracking down missing or lost passwords for domain names
•    Google Analytics
•    Adwords
•    SE0 ( Search Engine Optimization ) campaigns

What Does Self Editing Mean?

The self editing feature of our websites will permit you to :

•    Edit text & add images
•    Add photos to galleries
•    Add questions & Answers  to FAQ modules
•    Add products to shopping carts
•    Review, edit or delete or publish testimonials or comments
•    Add Products, images, prices, taxes to shopping carts
•    Add PDFs, MP3s, Videos and other file formats
•    Add new contacts and create email accounts

****All without having to call your webmaster and be charged extra fees!

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