For Your Website

Rotating Banners - Starting at 90$ / per design

Rotating banners are a focal point of your home page if not the whole website itself! Creating a great first impression is made much easier with well designed banners - having a rotating banner allows you to make multiple visual statements and summarizes a great deal of what you want to get across to your clients!  You can add taglines or descriptions of your services so that visitors know immediately that they are in the right place!








Photo Gallery - $100

Photo galleries can be used for portfolios, events, before & afters - your imagination is the only limit! Get a Phoca Gallery installed on your website.  Uploading images easier than getting them off your camera!




Lightbox effect - Whole website darkens around image so that 100% of visitors attention is on the image at hand!

Multiple Album Gallery - $150

Same wonderful Phoca Gallery but with sorted albums with multiple categories!



Multiple Galleries - ( Call for Pricing )

We can install galleries in multiple areas of the website according to your needs.


Quick Contact Form - $75

Get prospects to leave you their contact information so that you may call them back - A great lead generator!

Can be placed right on your home page! Styles vary and can be tailored to your website.


Custom Form - $100

Need detailed and specific information? Application forms? surveys? Whatever your application we can create the form for you!

Very dynamic and highly organized form with special interactive "More Info" feature which lets you insert instructions that are only visible when visitor hovers mouse over the little "i" symbol, keeping your form free of cluttered instructions!



Multiple Contact Form - $100

Set a company directory giving each employee their own personal contact form - Very Professional looking and easy to navigate!!

Display each employee's Name, Position, and Telephone Number. Click on Contact Name to Access Personal Contact Form!


Weather Module - $75

A cool little module that gives your employees or visitors an accurate 5 day forecast - especially handy for contractors or businesses with outdoor events!


FAQs Module -$75

An automated module for organizing your frequently asked questions - save time answering the same questions over and over again! Great for search engine optimization as your questions actually can come up as answers to people's online queries! Features include hit counter which allows you to see which questions are being asked most frequently! Add or remove your questions and answers at will without having to worry about consistency or layout!



Document Lister - $75

A great way to organize and allow visitors to download your files works with multiple file formats including PDFs, Excel files, Word documents, even MP3's!




Video Gallery - $250


Show multiple videos in multiple categories on your website - ideal for demonstrations, how to videos or even funny video clips!!



Virtue Mart Shopping Cart - $450

A very powerful shopping cart platform that can handle all of your e-commerce needs!



Adding Products To Your Cart - 6$/Product

Configuring and entering price, product description, taxes, shipping, volume discounts, and so on can be a tricky proposition we offer full service and product entry.


Fav Icon- $25

Short for favorite Icon this shows attention to detail and is a nice added touch to finish off any professionally designed website! A Fav icon will make your  website standout from the crowd in people's saved favorites or bookmarks - it also make your company seem more established almost like having your company logo on an office tower!


Yahoo has one!


Google has one!


All truly established major companies have them - you could have one too!

Back Up your website ( copy on DVD mailed to you ) - $100

Restore lost content, undo major errors, recuperate lost data, be safe.  It is a good idea to back up your website before attempting any major changes in case anything goes wrong at least you have a back up of the original version.  If for any reason you are ill or neglect your website for a period of time and the domain name of hosting expires there is a good chance you could lose your website altogether!


Security Updates - $100

Just like any software their are always security updates and patches released to either enhance performance or block security breaches.  The reason it is so important to update your website is that when these updates are released they are announced to people who can truly benefit from them as well as malicious hackers who have nothing better to do.  In essence hackers are now unwittingly made aware of these weaknesses and vulnerabilities and can use this information to wreak havoc! By updating to the latest version on a yearly basis you close doors for these scoundrels !!


Google Analytics - $75

Not having Google Analytics is like driving at night without your headlights on!  This Free service offered by Google will generate detailed stats about the visitors to your website. How many Hits. How many Unique visitors. Where visitors are coming from. What pages they are viewing. How long they are staying on your site. What search engines brought them there. What websites referred them there. Just to mention a few!!


Let us get your images for you - $100+ cost of images


Finding images can be very time consuming especially if you don't know where to look and what format, resolutions, and sizes and proportions are required. Registering on stock image website and navigating them can be tricky, so can making sure that you don't get caught in a subscription plan that automatically renews costing you 100s of dollars in the process!

We will find up to 25 images ( if it goes over this number significantly we can discuss options which should prove mutually beneficial ) for your website and present them to you for your approval. We will also save you money by finding the best deals available!

Our basic web design plan entitles you to a maximum of 3 images inserted per page - additional images will be inserted with a charge of $5 per image.



Links Module - $75

This is a fantastic and well organized way to refer visitors to interesting or valuable resource sites without handing over your hard earned traffic!

Features include:

  • Hit counter that tells you how many people actually visited your link
  • The ability to explain to your visitor why they should visit your recommended website
  • MOST IMPORTANT - referred website opens in a pop up window without navigation buttons which means that once donebrowsing the site they have no other option than to close the window which lands them right back onto your own website!!
Notice the window without navigation buttons!











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