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Helping You Create Your Online Presence

Unique, high quality content satisfies both your potential clients and the search engines. Content development plays an integral role in the online branding your products and our services. Prospects will form an impression of your company through their first contact with content. It’s up to you to make sure that it’s a good one.

Web content development involves the researching, writing, producing, and editing of information published on web sites. It’s more than just the creation of prose, images, white papers, blogs, articles, press releases, eBooks; it helps move your prospect through the sales process. 72hwebsite delivers relevant content through the following tools:

• Web pages and blogs
• Online articles and newsletters
• White papers and reports
• Press releases
• eBooks
• Social Media Optimization (posts, article submissions and social bookmarking)
• Product reviews
• Online sales and product presentations

Converting Online Visitors into Buyers

Each day, digital traffic is directed to your website from multiple online and offline sources including search engines: social media, newsletters, inbound links, pay-per-click advertising, off-line marketing, word of mouth, etc… But what happens once your visitors get to your website? Does your content resonate with them? Does it stir them into action or leave them…indifferent?

72hwebsite creates content that builds your online brand, will increase your sales and generate more qualified leads.  After you’ve spent your online marketing budget on getting eyeballs to your website, your website has to generate substantial ROI or why have even bother to have a website at all?


The Relationship between Content and SEO

You’re probably asking yourself if research indicates that up to 80% of what determines your sites’ position on a search engine results page comes from off-page elements (the quality and number of inbound links, age of domain, etc.), then why is SEO copy writing so important for your web site?

Conversion Because search engine algorithms base their page rankings on the relevance of your website’s content and the keyword that’s being searched.

Clear on-page optimization that present effective selling arguments combined with strong, well-researched SEO copy writing will increase your website’s conversion ratios. Traffic alone is worthless if your web site fails to convert it. 72h helps to ensure that every piece of content you generate is capable of yielding you the biggest organic search boost possible.

72hwebsite produces compelling content that optimizes your website for search engines through the use of targeted language to communicate your value proposition to all of your target audiences. We create a vibrant online presence which translates into higher conversion rates and a better position in organic search rankings.


Contact Us for a free consultation and learn how we can help you develop content that captivates, educates and motivates your traffic into action!

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