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Home Deport Corporation

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Home Depot Corporation is one of the largest home improvement retailer specialists. The corporation has stretched wide in the world and has 2,200 retail stores in the United States. Home Deport Corporation also includes stores in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands and extends its services to other countries such as Canada, Mexico and China. The retail stores are conveniently located and they are convenient for shopping since each store averages 105,000 square feet and an approximately additional outside garden of 23,000 square feet. The main goal of the corporation has been inspired by the fact that for most people the most important investment in their life time of value is having a home. Therefore, the corporation has dedicated its task force into assisting consumers to create their dream homes either by themselves or having the work done for them. In achieving this main objective the corporation has invested in different home products and services. Its stores catalog consists of up to 40,000 special varieties consisting of home construction materials, home upgrading materials, garden products for various project needs, appliances and lawn among many others. In order to ensure that customers’ needs are addressed accordingly their inventory selection differ from one store location to another to suit the specific market need. The corporation also offers a variety of services to its customers. It proposes specialized support and services for trades people and professional contractors to guarantee that they have the right supplies and tools for the job site. Other service includes home services; where the customers instead of being wholly responsible for the work of home improvement themselves, they are provided with the option of choosing to have competent professionals work on the home transformation projects for them. These professionals specialize in a variety of product work and offer the best services for in house refurbishments. Another services offered is reward programs to its pro customers; the loyal customers of the company are able to access consumers loyalty programs, express ship programs, purchase credit programs, and other special sales initiatives. This is meant to reward their loyalty for shopping with home depot. In addition, clinic services which are free of charge and the kid’s workshops services which are held in every store for the young children with their parents are offered at every Home Depot store on Saturdays and Sundays.

The corporation was started in the year 1978 by two investors, Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus. They were in collaboration with a merchandiser Pat Farrah and investment banker Ken Langone. Their first store opened on June 22, 1979, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia and their vision of a one stop shopping for the do it yourselfer was achieved. The philosophy of customer service was crafted at the initial stages of the corporation. According to the founders, they upheld their customers to have a number of rights which entitles them to access a variety of their products with reasonably fair prices. The utmost care of the customers in the store is provided by trained company’s employees when a need arises. The philanthropic aspects of the corporation are embedded on the corporate values which are the fabric of the company’s unique culture and the pillar to the company’s success. The values of the corporation include: taking care of its associates through enabling environment where they have equal access to growth and development opportunities; offering an excellent customer service by giving their customers knowledge advice about merchandise and to help them use the products; upholding respect for all to ensure that there is cohesiveness in its diversity; building a strong relationship based on listening and responding to the needs of the customers, being social responsible by giving back to the community; being committed enough to doing the right thing instead of just doing things right.

The corporation has been engaging in corporate social responsibilities in giving back to the community, this noble duty of the corporation has been its passion. This has seen the establishment of the Home Depot Foundation to act as the benevolent wing of the company and further the community building objectives of the corporation by ensuring that they offer substantial amount of resources to non-profit organizations. One of the ways that the company has given back to the society is by engaging itself in repair together with conducting refurbishment services to homes and facilities which are meant to provide services to the disadvantaged individuals and families. It has laid significant emphasis on the U.S. military veterans who are facing physical and financial hardships as they return to their civilian lifestyle. In 2011, the foundation pledged 30 million dollars to veterans housing initiatives, and in 2012, an additional 50 million dollars was devoted to the project. Furthermore, the foundation also awards community impact grants annually. In addition, another noble work that the corporation engages itself to is through ensuring that their customers have adequate resources and the needed support towards reconstruction of their homes when a natural disaster strikes. The company has also established a Homer Fund which is an autonomous aid organization which dedicates itself to providing short term emergency financial assistance to the company’s associates together with their families when they are met with hardships as a result of disastrous conditions. For example, the Foundation together with the company donated to the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity towards the tragedy reprieve efforts in Haiti, more than 500,000 dollars in 2010. Through these initiatives of social corporate responsibility the company has a positive image among many people in the world. The corporation offers their employees a chance to select from a number of flexible benefit plans. Some of the benefit plans include: health insurance plan which offers the employees a comprehensive health insurance; financial plan that aims at helping the employees retain their earnings through programs such as health savings; employee stock purchase plan and direct deposit and credit union; and tuition reimbursement plan which encourages and supports the employees who wish to join up colleges, universities, and other technical schools. These schools offer courses which are correlated with the company business receives a reimbursement. Through this benefit plans the employees are motivated enough to carry on their work and also they see an opportunity of career development.

After the wholesome review of the company operations and the opportunities that the employees are likely to enjoy, and therefore, I would welcome the opportunity working for the home depot corporation. They have a conducive working environment and help their employees get better by offering a range of instruction courses, management programs, mentoring programs, and training compensation in all company’s levels.

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