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Personal Worldview

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on Monday, 10 August 2020
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To have a positive attitude or an optimistic perspective in life is a competitive advantage. Life can be extremely frustrating as it takes a lot of courage for one to follow his ambition thinking optimistically. Additionally, morality is a necessary accompaniment. Sometimes ambition may push an individual overboard, outweighing the needs of others and the moral obligations of the individual. Therefore, it is essential to have both moral principles and optimistic ambition to be successful in life. Some people ascertain that optimism makes the world a better place to live, regardless the tribulations. My foundational principles are faith and hope which generate positive attitude and ambitions. My moral principles aim to inspire others due to the positive thoughts and support the good of others in the pursuit of my ambitions. I could even die for my moral principles but not for my foundational principles.

In my opinion, faith and hope merge to produce a positive attitude. In everyday life, I have found them essential when dealing with even the most complex situations. These two features play an important role both in the religious and secular contexts. However, to be faithful does not mean to practise certain principles in life. For example, it takes me to work hard hoping that my efforts will eventually yield. I cannot affirm that my faith helps things get better without putting my efforts but only waiting for the success. A positive attitude usually implies deviating to ensure I play my part and waiting optimistically for the desirable outcomes. Indeed, faith and hope are not so noticeable in day-to-day life activities as in difficult situations. The essence of faith and hope involve when things go wrong, and there seems to be no possibility for desirable outcomes. Therefore, these principles support me in the most desperate and most complicated scenarios. When everything seems to be out of my control, staying positive about it is my stronghold. I have found faith and hope helpful both in my career and life.

My guiding moral principles aim to inspire others through my efforts and perspectives harming no one. I am an ambitious person, desiring to excel in my career, live a comfortable life, and leave a legacy. However, one thing I always keep in mind is the impact of my actions have on others. I consider it unworthy to excel in my career at the expense of someone else who deserve it. Undoubtedly, it is a greater achievement to inspire someone to be positive when their lives are falling apart than to destroy someones dreams and life in pursuit of my desires. In my opinion, the best way to leave some legacy is to impact as many individuals and lives as possible. Every time I encourage someone to do something for themselves or others, I feel like succeeding in it. Furthermore, when I inspire someone to overcome difficulties, I experience great satisfaction. Therefore, I always try to fulfill the needs of others and to ensure I do not hurt them as I pursue my ambitions.

When my moral values conflicted with my ambitions, I would die to attain my moral goals and obligations. Maybe in the future, I will need to hurt someone else to gain success. Hence, I find it difficult to convince myself that it is worthwhile to continue the pursuit of success. Instead, I invoke my foundational principles of optimism and decide to uphold the other persons welfare and hope that I will benefit from it later.

My optimistic worldview has impacted my life and career determining the choices I make in the most challenging and critical situations. For example, during the time mother was sick she could not afford our expenses, but I needed to study. Although I could get a scholarship to attend full-time schooling, I had to consider her emotional needs offering her my support. Thus, I needed to be near my mother, and see her every day to encourage her positive thinking. Furthermore, I needed to continue studying as well as to earn a living. Therefore, I did a part-time job and enrolled for part-time classes, a path that could delay my career advancement. I could not graduate within four years nor climb the ladder at the workplace. However, I was satisfied that I could help my mother to improve. My faith that I did right things for everyones wellbeing and the hope that everything will get better soon kept me going. Due to my optimistic attitude, my mother was well soon, and I could enroll for full-time classes, and even work a part-time job. Thus, I managed to graduate soon and get a full-time job. My decisions not only contributed to my family but also inspired my friends to overcome hardships deriving inspiration from me.

About the author: Juliette Patioson is a bachelor in English philology and sociology at California University. She is currently working as one of the best writers at the online marketing plan writing service She also studies feminine psychology.

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